Easter Family Photos

Happy Easter Weekend!!!  Thought I would take this opportunity to share a bit about us….


EST. September 20th 2014 • Expanded to a party of three September 20th 2015

Spring / Summertime Family Vibes ⇒ lake, canoe, park, fishing, strumming guitars, plucking ukuleles, picking banjos, bird watching, toddler adventuring

Local Event Radar ⇒ Thyme & Dough Bistro Night (Thursday evenings), Sun Radio Saturday Night Concert Series First Thursday Dripping SpringsOld Settlers Music Festival

Current Music Favs ⇒ Nathaniel RateliffShiny Ribs , Jamestown Revival

JR and I met and fell in love playing in a band together in Los Angeles, California.  So music is a big part of our history together and we want it to be a part of Loretta’s history as well.


Loretta’s name was inspired by Loretta Lynn.  She keeps us smiling.

Loretta is as fiery as the next red head, sweet as pumpkin pie, and as theatrical as her dad.

She surprises us everyday.

Our idea of a great “date night in” (which we do most weekends) is cooking a delicious meal, watching a classic film, playing music, singing together, and cuddles on the couch.


This one is from the blooper reel.

Please excuse all the imperfections of the video below.  We are out of practice!  Seeing as it is Easter, we thought we would share a one take of us playing one of our favorite Gillian Welch songs – ‘By the Mark’.  I love that this song is reminiscent of spiritual folk music and the words give me the chills every time.  You can listen to her full song here.

I’ll leave you with what I hope to be our first family band album cover.  I’ll keep you posted on that.


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