Howdy!  My name is Julie Nutt. Thank you for visiting Hill Country Hipster.

I am starting this blog to document my quest to discover all things hip in the Texas Hill Country.  I have recently returned to Texas from an 11 year residency in Los Angeles, California.  I live in Dripping Springs, Texas with my husband and best friend, JR and our sweet little daughter Loretta James.  Now that I call the Hill Country home, I am inspired to discover and share the local happenings and cool digs.  I know the hill country has a lot to offer the urban dweller who longs for that country escape without having to give up the luxuries of the city like good food, drink and ambiance.  People like me!  In fact, what makes the hill country so great is all the unique locally and family owned businesses here.  Not to mention the scenery!  From restaurants, Inns, breweries, distilleries, wineries, and event spaces, there is a lot of creativity and local sensibility developing and thriving here.  I am excited to be a part of it.
Whether it be for a wedding or just a meal, a weekend or an afternoon, I hope Hill Country Hipster will be your guide to your next hill country experience.